Keeping a eye on the treat jar

Keeping a eye on the treat jar

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What do you'll be right back?

Mommy and Auntie Gail left this morning and Auntie Gail said "Be Right Back" well it's after lunch and she's still not back. Me thinks we weren't told the whole truth and nothing but the fact I heard mommy say something about an airport and Aunt Gail going to see my Aunt Diane. I may be a puppy but that sounds like a trip to me. But I'm not telling my cousin Kong. I don't want him to get depressed. I'll just keep him distracted for the next week or so.

Aunt Gail will you give my Aunt Diane a kiss for me? Tell her I love her and she needs to come up and meet me soon so I can give her lots of kisses.

Here I am keeping Kong company, he was looking a little lonely so I sat down next to him to console him.


  1. OMG..these two are just the cutest! Aunt Diane can't wait to meet you, Roxy. Please give Kongy a BIG kiss for me! One for you too, sweet girl!
    xoxo Aunt Diane

  2. Dear Roxy and Kong
    I heard that your two are "home alone".
    I imagine you can find some nice "stuff" to get into. And there is always pizza to order and movies. So party hardy and let the good times roll.
    kissys to both of you