Keeping a eye on the treat jar

Keeping a eye on the treat jar

Friday, June 4, 2010

My BIG day at Sound Transit

Oh what a nice surprise, my dad took me to spend the afternoon with my mom at her work. As soon as she picked me up out of the car I knew I was in for an adventure. I went up stairs in this box mom said was an elevator, it was a quick ride up and we walked back to her desk where I immediatly took a nap. I was so tired. A few people stopped by to see me even though I was napping I could still hear ooo and ahhh, and people just love my ears. They are one of my best features, one of the many. (smile)

When I woke up I went for a walk ok mom carried me, but that's only because all those big cars were scary. But once I got to the courtyard she put me down and I made a beeline for a security gaurd, I wanted to see if he could do anything about all the noise but he just said I was cute asked if I was a boy or a girl mom said a girl...he laughed and said it figures all the girls run for me.

We tried to go potty but we could not find grass anywhere, so we went into another building and up to see moms friend Michelle. She said I was so pretty...ok people your giving me a big head. But you do speak the truth.

We left and walked up a few blocks and we finally found grass! And man o man did I have to pee! I went about 4 times. We went back to moms work and she set me down to walk around the floor, that was a blast. I was running around the hall then we went back to moms area but first I ran into Brian's office and had to visit him then back out and over to see Sarah. I was down the hall when Greg came out of his office and as soon as I seen him I took off running, butt wagging and tail swinging. Greg got down on the floor I flipped over gave him my tummy. This is a pretty cool place I think I could really like it here. I will have to come back for another visit soon.


  1. What a big adventure my sweetie had. I'm sure everyone thought you were the cutest...beacause you are! I hope you have a very fun weekend.....a weekend without rain so you can play outside & have lots of fun! xoxoxo Aunt Diane

  2. Hi Roxy
    You are sooo lucky that you get to go to your mamas work. How fun that must be.
    I think finding the perfect place to peeeee is so much fun too,
    Who like to peeee on boring cement.
    I am sure everyone wanted to kiss you and rub your tummy - since your sooo cute,
    I am sure your going to be planning your next trip to your moms work very soon