Keeping a eye on the treat jar

Keeping a eye on the treat jar

Friday, July 2, 2010

Today mom and I left Mukilteo Station and took a train ride into Seattle to go to work. I sat on her lap and looked out the window watching the waves come ashore. On the trip in today I saw two seagulls fighting over a crab eating him. It made me sad for the crab but mom said it's the circle of life and we all have to eat something. Later as we continued our ride into the city I saw people walking their dogs on the beach and the dogs were running out in the water. Not sure why they would do that...voluntarily take a bath, I don't think so. We also saw Blue Heron just standing in the water waiting for it's next meal also.

Mom did not take these pictures but I wanted to share some of the things I seen on my trip into Seattle. Incuding this one...

I also saw crows chasing after and Eagle in the sky, the Eagle was trying to get away this upset me they were chasing the Eagle, but mom said not to worry that the Eagle could take care of himself.
I live in such a beautiful city, I really like it here. But what's not not love, I have my mom and dad, my Auntie Gail, my cousin Kong, my kitties, and my sissy!

As soon as I wake up from my nap I'm sure i'll be enjoying my day too.


  1. Hi Roxy
    I think your city is so beautiful. You have so much to look at.
    You are so lucky that you ride on trains?
    Is that because your sooo cute?
    I love all the photos you shared with us of your big big world.
    I hope you had fun at work- you little cutie pie

  2. Hellos Roxy...Tweedles left a comment fur us to checks you out. He's at da pawty...hehehe.
    You are a precious little girl.
    And I must say, I haves no idea why tose doggies would even goe nears da water on they on free will...that is just WEIRD!!!!!!!!!
    Come by and sees me. Just, ummmmm....don't take everthing on my blog too serious. Okays, well, I tend to gets in trubles...hehehehe.

  3. Hey sweet girl! I see you got to go to work with mom again. You lucky girl! I also see new blog visitors. How nice Tweedles is sending new friends your way. You'll have to make sure & check out their blog too. THere's lots of doggie blogs out there for you to enjoy.
    Have a great day, Miss Roxy!
    xoxoxo Aunt Diane