Keeping a eye on the treat jar

Keeping a eye on the treat jar

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One Hot Dog!

It was so hot one night the only clool spot I could find was the marble entryway. Papa place a cool towel on me to cool me down. When it was time for bed I just couldn't get comfortable I was tossing and turning, so my mommy went and got 2 ice packs and a towel placed them on the bed with the towel over it and I snuggled right on in. Oh it was such a nice feeling.
Thanks Mommy and Papa
As alwyas lots of licks and nudges for you.
Woof Woof


  1. Roxy
    Your mommy and papa are so smart and take such good care of you.
    I am miserable when it gets hot too, so sometimes mama puts a cool wet towel over me.
    I am happy to hear you got cooled down.
    Your mommy and papa love you soo much

  2. Hi Roxy! It must be hotter there than it is here in California! Pretty weird! How nice Mommy & papa are so good to you to make you nice & comfortable. You are so SWEET! Big hugs & kisses from Aunt Diane. xoxoxo