Keeping a eye on the treat jar

Keeping a eye on the treat jar

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My day in Leavenworth

No silly not jail...Leavenworth WA. It's a Bavarian town off Hwy 2 very nice about 90 minutes or so from Everett. The drive was very pretty we enjoyed it very much, we passed towns called Monroe, Sultun, Start Up, Gold Bar, once we got there we got parked and began our walk around town. Oh my goodness was I the talk of the town! I know I'm cute...well (beyond) but you'd think I was the the best thing since sliced bread. Mom is amazed how many people stop and fawn over me and say so many nice things about a Cavalier King Charles.

We had lunch at the Munchen Haus and the cooks were talking to me...I was really hoping to get one of those brats but that did't happen. Anyway after lunch as we wwre walking back to the car a couple stopped us and said they have a male named Reggie same color 5 years old. He is staying with his Auntie while they had a night away. They were a nice elder couple and said I looked show quaility and he should know. Mom said thank you that she thinks i'm pretty special too!

We left Leavemworth and drove home, I was home for about 45 minutes then off to puppy training class...I guess if I have to do this then I will but I am not to thrilled with the "other" dogs in the class, they just do not sit there and pay attention to the teacher...bark bark bark and I'm trying to listen. I sure hope Their mommys make them be better next week.

So that's all for today, bark at you more later
Hugs to you all Roxy


  1. Hi little Roxy
    Oh yes, I think your beyond show quaulity. Your just so kissable everyone loves you. What a fun trip you had with your family!
    And now your going to puppy school. Well be sure to remember everything you learn- then you can "show off" to everyone how smart you are.
    I went to puppy school when I was 2 years old- and I had to sit with the babys, cause I am kinda a little chicken girl

  2. You sound sweet Roxy! Us Cavs are shy around other dogs - you'll break loose and play with them in your own time.