Keeping a eye on the treat jar

Keeping a eye on the treat jar

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One Hot Dog!

It was so hot one night the only clool spot I could find was the marble entryway. Papa place a cool towel on me to cool me down. When it was time for bed I just couldn't get comfortable I was tossing and turning, so my mommy went and got 2 ice packs and a towel placed them on the bed with the towel over it and I snuggled right on in. Oh it was such a nice feeling.
Thanks Mommy and Papa
As alwyas lots of licks and nudges for you.
Woof Woof

Night in the yard with Family and my BFF and the big lug (hee hee)

Tank and Kelsey (the mommy)

Tank - can you beleive he's tha same age as me? He got into the potion from Alice in Wonderland and drank it all up!

Lindsey and Roxy

Go ahead kiss it I know you want to

Kelsey and Roxy sitting on the firepit

Here I come to save the day!

Yeah what she said

Yeah! It may be hers but she's my BFF and that means I get to do what I want when I want back here.

This is MY BACKYARD...Big Boy!

Let's get this straight, you may be bigger than me, but this is MY house and MY backyard.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Saying goodbye

Had to be done, I had no choice. The family all went home today, as I made my rounds outside the airport belly kisses and a few licks right smack dab on the mouth...I noticed I was getting a lot of attention from another family that was saying goodbye also. So once I was done kissing my family, mom said OK who else wants to kiss this (my belly) the woman on the sidewalk said oh I do! So mom took me over to her I sniffed her she smelled friendly enough so I nudged her neck and mouth and she kissed my belly! She said I just love it when you see that animals are loved so much and Mom told her her I am very loved...and that is so true!

Gonna miss my Grandpa

OK I will miss everyone, grandma, auntie Pam and Aleaha...but I got it...Finally, at the airport I got my belly kiss from my grandpa and it was sweet! It's been such a fun 28 days and like I said I will miss them all so much. Hopefully they will come back sooner rather than later.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nap Time!

Just hanging out us 2 girls...stay back...SHE's MY GRANDMA, Not yours!

I Love me some Grandma! Sure is nice having her here...gonna really miss her when she leaves next week. This month has gone by way to fast!

Taking a nap on my new bed by the front door...just waiting for someone to come in so I can LICK EM!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Friends are a wonderful thing

Woof woof all, just wanted to send out some puppy kisses and love to all my friends. I have been having a lot of fun with my grandma and grandpa here. Plus my Auntie Pam and cousin Aleaha it's just so much fun.
So far I have gotten belly kisses from everyone but grandpa, he's holding out but I'll get him before he goes home. After all how could you not want to kiss a soft absolutely cute pink belly. I roll right over and give it it up all the time. Mommy and daddy love tom kiss it....and when my Auntie Gail comes over oh how I LOVE her she is so sweet to me.
Well happy dreams all,

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My day in Leavenworth

No silly not jail...Leavenworth WA. It's a Bavarian town off Hwy 2 very nice about 90 minutes or so from Everett. The drive was very pretty we enjoyed it very much, we passed towns called Monroe, Sultun, Start Up, Gold Bar, once we got there we got parked and began our walk around town. Oh my goodness was I the talk of the town! I know I'm cute...well (beyond) but you'd think I was the the best thing since sliced bread. Mom is amazed how many people stop and fawn over me and say so many nice things about a Cavalier King Charles.

We had lunch at the Munchen Haus and the cooks were talking to me...I was really hoping to get one of those brats but that did't happen. Anyway after lunch as we wwre walking back to the car a couple stopped us and said they have a male named Reggie same color 5 years old. He is staying with his Auntie while they had a night away. They were a nice elder couple and said I looked show quaility and he should know. Mom said thank you that she thinks i'm pretty special too!

We left Leavemworth and drove home, I was home for about 45 minutes then off to puppy training class...I guess if I have to do this then I will but I am not to thrilled with the "other" dogs in the class, they just do not sit there and pay attention to the teacher...bark bark bark and I'm trying to listen. I sure hope Their mommys make them be better next week.

So that's all for today, bark at you more later
Hugs to you all Roxy

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello sorry for being MIA lately but I have been one busy PUP! Mom has taken me everywhere. Last Friday I went to work with her, and then we rode the light rail to the airport to pick up my Auntie Pam and Aleaha. From there we hung out in Seattle for a while and then headed home.
The next day we did more running around and mom took me with her. We had a busy day but I just love going bye bye car. It has been very hot here and it makes me sleepy. As you see here me and papa are taking a nap out on the deck.

Later that night I was being a big helper cleaning up the dishes.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

How do you catch this thing?

I've trying my best to capture this little mouse but man this critter is quick! But I am not giving up, i'm not i'm not i'm not!

Barking at my Reflection

I saw myself in the window but I did not know it was me, I layed down and barked and barked at the doggie but it only barked back at me. Could we be friends one day only time will tell. If nothing else I will say it was ONE GOOD LOOKING DOG!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gonna miss my Chunky Monkey!

Yep I am now 14 weeks old and my little Chunky Monkey (CM) is 13 weeks old. He goes to his new home on Saturday, which is nice cause mom said he will be living with his sister, but nonetheless I'll miss my little buddy.

I really like it when CM chases me, I had the rawhide in my mouth and he wanted some but with every reward first must come a challenge...

And here we are sharing the's not everyday you see a dog willing to share the bounty.

God Bless Animal lovers everywhere

I came across a blog that was such an amazing tribute to her friend and loved companion Max from South Africa. As I read the blog and the stories I came to realize that Max wasn't with us any longer. However the tribute to his life and how much he was loved and cherished was truly amazing. I don't know this family, but having lost my Lucy the month prior to her losing Max made me want to reach out and wrap my arms around her, give her a huge hug for nothing more than loving her friend and family member. Maxdog and Maxmom your words were inspiring, thank you for sharing them for so many to read.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Playing with my little friends

Today the kittens came out to play and we had such a good time. I love playing with the kittens, I love even more when I can sneak in right after my daddy and sneak some kitten food. I usally get caught and lead out the door until after they eat but it's always fun to try. After we played for a while, I decided to relax and chew on my rawhide and Chunky Monkey thought he would join me. I let him chew on one end while I chewed on the other.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Today mom and I left Mukilteo Station and took a train ride into Seattle to go to work. I sat on her lap and looked out the window watching the waves come ashore. On the trip in today I saw two seagulls fighting over a crab eating him. It made me sad for the crab but mom said it's the circle of life and we all have to eat something. Later as we continued our ride into the city I saw people walking their dogs on the beach and the dogs were running out in the water. Not sure why they would do that...voluntarily take a bath, I don't think so. We also saw Blue Heron just standing in the water waiting for it's next meal also.

Mom did not take these pictures but I wanted to share some of the things I seen on my trip into Seattle. Incuding this one...

I also saw crows chasing after and Eagle in the sky, the Eagle was trying to get away this upset me they were chasing the Eagle, but mom said not to worry that the Eagle could take care of himself.
I live in such a beautiful city, I really like it here. But what's not not love, I have my mom and dad, my Auntie Gail, my cousin Kong, my kitties, and my sissy!

As soon as I wake up from my nap I'm sure i'll be enjoying my day too.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Very Busy Day

Well my day (yesterday) started off by driving into Seattle to go to work with my mom. We got to Seattle, I went potty outside like a good girl and when I got in the office I knew where I was. I ran down the hall right into my Greg's office (moms boss) he got up and was so excited to see me...I was equally excited and piddled on his carpet! (mom was so embarrassed) But it was just a tiny bit and after all I am a puppy!
Later we went to pick up my Grandma and Grandpa at the airport that was fun, new people to love me and for me to kiss. When we got home I took a long nap and then we all went to the Farmer's Market...Oh did people fawn over me there. But hey what's not to love?
Later that evening mom took me to my first puppy training class, we got there walked in and there were 3 other puppies there...BIG puppies, a chocolate lab, a Shepard and a Bull/Pit/Boxer mix...I thought oh no I am way out of my league. They may be puppies but I'm about the size of there head. I did OK, although I stayed right between moms feet the whole time. She assured me we would change classes and go to a SMALL dog puppy class. That will be much better.
So I was pretty exhausted and slept most of the night and then when bedtime came...I went right in there snuggled up to my daddy and we slept!