Keeping a eye on the treat jar

Keeping a eye on the treat jar

Monday, May 31, 2010

1st Vet Check-up

This morning my mommy took me to a place to get a well puppy check up. It made me a bit nervous but they were nice people. I DID NOT like my temp getting taken, how rude that is an outty only! But I got a perfect check up my eyes, ears, heart all good. They did give me a shot and I didn't like that it made me cry a tiny bit and I went back into my moms arms and hunkered down. We came home I went potty outside like a good girl and now I am in the house running wild playing with my toys.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

I had a very busy day, I went to a place called PETSMART and WOW was there a lot of neat stuff. I got a new chew toy and we bought some food for something they call kittens, not sure what that is yet cause I haven't seen them.
We then went to another place called TARGET, again they bought some cool looking toys for these things called kittens, all I know is I wanted to play with them, but was told no no. There were a few people that thought I was so cute. Our last stop for the day was Safeway, oh I smelled lots of things in there. When it was time to check out a lady was saying oh my gosh I am so glad you are in my line. She kept going on and on about how cute I was. When we got home I took a long nap, daddy woke me up with a piece of kibble under my nose that's a great way to wake up. now I'm just playing and getting into everything...this word they keep saying no no is not a fun word.

Sunday Morning

I had a good night last night, I cried on time for a tiny bit and mom stuck her fingers in the crate door and I snuggled up to them and I was ok. However around 2:30 I had to go potty so we went outside, when we came back in I slept in my mom's arms on the couch until 6:30 when daddy got up and took me outside. I did go poop outside for the first time too. He brought me some chew toys and me and mom went back to bed until 9am.
I had my first trip out in the backyard, that is all mine WOW I live in a park, how cool will this be when I get big enough to explore the whole thing. Right now I am on the bottom level and being carried up and down the stairs for safety.
I ate a little breakfast played and went to check Kate out but she made a weird noise so I backed away. Later Kate came up to me and sniffed me, hissed and walked away. She will be a friend in no time she just has to get used to me...she has no choice. Breezy and I get a long great she is going to be a fun pal. ***Yawn*** time for a nap, i'm getting very sleepy again.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Busy Day

Today was a very busy day, it started off with a potty trip outside about 2am (my human was good about it) then I woke up with a start, a very loud bang scaried me and I started to cry, but my mommy came to the rescue.
We went back to sleep together on the couch few a few hours, I snuggled right up in her neck which was warm and comforting.
When we woke up I was in my pen so mommy and daddy could clean up the house, once that was done we had visitors lots of visitors but they were not here to see me, they came to see kittens....kittens can you believe that? When I am here, I just don't get it.
I did get some attention from the other people but what I thought was best was when my sister (lindsey) came to visit, oh I liked her she hugged me and kissed me, she played with me and took lots of pictures.
I have been going outside potty grass all day, but I did go poopy on the carpet, mom didn't catch me in time. We went outside right after to show that is what I should be doing.
I have to tell you I like the cats in the house, Breezy lets me play with her, I chased her and pounced on her we were having fun. Kate the white one she ran and jumped up high on stuff so I didn't get her. But there is another cat a BIG one, I din't know she was under the chair, and all the sudden there was a loud hiss and that scaried me, daddy came to the rescue very fast. I'll have to watch myself around her she was a bit spooky.

Friday, May 28, 2010

My New home

Today is my first day in my new home. So far so good, I was a little scaried at first in the car but my new mommy reassured me that everything would be ok.
My daddy stopped at Petsmart (I had to wait in the car) not old enough yet to be exposed to everyone yet. I got a new bed, some toys, and daddy got me a pig tail bully and I love chewing on it.
I took a long nap when we got home, and when I woke up I went potty outside like a good girl, that's what mommy said I was. Now back to chewing on my is very tasty.
My Auntie Gail and Alexis and Kong are coming over to meet me tonight so more people to kiss.
As for the cats in the house, they are pretty cool. They are trying to figure out what I am I think, let them get close enough and I'll kiss them too.