Keeping a eye on the treat jar

Keeping a eye on the treat jar

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

I had a very busy day, I went to a place called PETSMART and WOW was there a lot of neat stuff. I got a new chew toy and we bought some food for something they call kittens, not sure what that is yet cause I haven't seen them.
We then went to another place called TARGET, again they bought some cool looking toys for these things called kittens, all I know is I wanted to play with them, but was told no no. There were a few people that thought I was so cute. Our last stop for the day was Safeway, oh I smelled lots of things in there. When it was time to check out a lady was saying oh my gosh I am so glad you are in my line. She kept going on and on about how cute I was. When we got home I took a long nap, daddy woke me up with a piece of kibble under my nose that's a great way to wake up. now I'm just playing and getting into everything...this word they keep saying no no is not a fun word.

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