Keeping a eye on the treat jar

Keeping a eye on the treat jar

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My afternoon at Target

I went shopping with my mom on Sunday, I just love going with her. I just walk right in like i'm supposed to be there and know says anything, except for ahh, oh she's so cute and can I pet her. Of course I abilge with a wag of my tail and a nuzzle.
So one of our stops was Target, mom loves going to Target. As we were walking around the store we came to the "people" toy area and all the sudden (I Promise) this doll jumped out at me it was going to attack I just know it. I started barking at it telling it to back the heck up! It didn't listen it just sat there with it's plastic arms up in the air and it's mouth open. Scared the pudding right out of me. Mom got down and told me it was OK, but i'm telling you if "small people" play with that...we'll that's just sick. I told mom too. She said I know there they don't make dolls like they used to. Everything has to talk, pee or do something scary. Mom told me she had soft cuddly babies. I maybe could like that. But mom does have a "Lot's O Lovin Bear" not to keen on that either. If it wasn't up on a shelf i'd probably kill it!
We continued shopping when all the sudden a little boy jumped out of no where with a scary helmet on I barked at him to. How dare you jump out at me...bark bark, that showed him.
We left Target and continued our shopping to the grocery store and a few other stops. Going places don't matter where I love it! I love hanging my head out the window smelling all the good stuff. I love people looking at me...I mean after all, I am a good looking Pup! :)
OK I guess I better get going, I'm sure there is a squirrel just calling my name.
Licks and Love,


  1. Thank goodness you protected mom from that evil doll
    Benny & Lily

  2. Oh Roxy
    Your right,,, why is that scary stuff in stores anyway!
    A day with your mom should be just like you say,, sniffin and having a good time,,, and peoples petting you

  3. I always get jealous of the U.S. as here in Canada there are next to no stores that allow dogs in. So far only the pet store and landscaping places outside. Good work on "doll" patrol Roxie!