Keeping a eye on the treat jar

Keeping a eye on the treat jar

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Busy Saturday

Today, Mom dad and I were out and about early. First stop was Costco, that's OK but not a lot of fun...then we went to PetsMart...I went in for my very FIRST Mani and Pedi! Mom said I would love it because she gets this done all the time. So here are a few pictures...

Angie was so gentle...she is the BEST!

Later in the day we went for a walk to the forest, I thought to myself, I wonder if it will be anything like Tweedles forest...even it is not the same I am going to pretend it is and that way I can pretend Tweedles is with me. I'll just pretend that all my doggy friends are with me. My Auntie Gail and Kong came along...Kong has been here before so he lead the way. At first mom was nervous to take me off the leash, but she relented and released me so I could run with kong. We checked out everything, smelled lots of smells. I found a dead squirrel, but mom yelled "Leave It" and that's the sign for don't touch so I walked away like a good girl. This place was so much fun, I will come back again and again for sure! Oh Auntie Di, please don't worry it was totally safe.

One really cool thing we found at the top of the hill were all these PINK was day 2 camp site for the Breast Cancer walk!!! We Love BOOBIES...Support your local Breast Cancer!


  1. it must be bath and clean day today..yuky
    Benny & Lily

  2. Hi Roxy
    I was so excited to hear that you got to walk in a forest with Kong and your Aunt Gail. I know there was sooo much to sniff and see,,, but you proved how smart you are when your mama said LEAVE IT!
    You got treated like a little queen today,,, getting your hair and nails all done,
    And then the pink tents! Wow.
    What a great posty Roxy, good job

  3. We will definitely do it again!

  4. Oh Roxy, you know Auntie Di is concerned when Mom takes off that leash! I will try not to worry about my sweet girl. Glad you had so much fun running & playing freely! xoxo Auntie Di